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Sheet metal stamping is a basic step in the manufacturing process of many products that we use in daily life. This process is being used in many industries and we can safely say it is one of the biggest industries in the world. 

Sheet metal stamping

Sheet metal stamping is used to produce parts for many industries. Many kinds of techniques such as bending, flanging, and coining are used in this process. In this process, a single sheet metal is used and pressed through tool and die presses to transform it into the desired shape. 

Process of sheet metal stamping

Sheet metal stamping is done through various processes that can be used according to the need or the resulting product. Some common processes are:


Extensive force is needed for this process. This process is used to change the simple sheet metal into the desired shape by applying force.


In this process, sheet metal is inserted in the press which cuts the metal into the shape of desired part. This cut sheet metal is called blank.


This process is used in complicated operations and by drawing cavities and deep depressions are formed in the sheet metal.


This process is used to punch holes in sheet metal. Presses are used to apply force for this purpose.

In this process, presses are used to apply force and punch holes in the sheet metal.

Steps involved in sheet metal stamping

Some common steps involved in the sheet metal stamping process are:

  • The first step involved in this process is to create or produce dies. Dies are used to transform sheet metal into the desired part, so it needs to be designed thoroughly and precisely.
  • Next step involves the cleaning of the sheet metal before starting the stamping process.
  • In the next step, blank is cut out from the sheet metal and is used further to form the part.
  • Holes are created in sheet metal through piercing according to the requirement.
  • Sheet metal is transformed into the desired shape by bending process.

Types of sheet metal stamping

The three main types of sheet metal stamping are:

Progressive die stamping

In this type of metal stamping, sheet metal is passed through different stations of the press. Each station is responsible for performing a specific function. Each stat performs its function and passes sheet metal to the next station, which performs its own function. In this way, when every station keeps on performing its own function, it results in the formation of the desired part. 

Four slide stamping

As the name suggests, this type of sheet metal stamping is done through a four slide or four station tool, each of which performs a specific function. These four tools work simultaneously and change the metal sheet into the desired shape. This type of stamping is used to create parts with intricate designs.  

Deep draw stamping

This type of stamping is used to shape the sheet metal by placing it in die and using press to transform the sheet metal into desired form.

Benefits of sheet metal stamping

  • Reduce cost

You can reduce the overall cost of the manufacturing process by sheet metal stamping. Many industries use this process to reduce their costs.

Sheet metal stamping helps to reduce the cost of manufacturing process. You can manufacture different parts used in various industries at a lower cost.

  • High turnover

The process allows us to manufacture parts in high quantity in less time. In this way, this process ensure you a high turnover rate. 

  • Precision

Sheet metal stamping is used to produce parts in large quantities which are then used in mass production of different products in various industries. So, it is required to produce exact parts to ensure the same quality of all products produced from these parts. Sheet metal stamping allows the production of parts with great precision.

  • Automated process

The sheet stamping process is automated by computer and it ensures precision in producing parts. It reduces the chances of manual errors and helps to reduce labor cost.

Applications of sheet metal stamping

Some of the applications of sheet metal stamping are:

Automotive industry

Sheet metal stamping is used in the automotive industry to produce different parts of automobiles. These parts include steers, frames, body, fuel system, etc.

Medical industry

medical industry also gets benefits from sheet metal stamping. The process produces medical equipment such as surgical instruments.

Other applications

Other industries also benefit from sheet metal stamping. Some of these industries are the electronic industry, telecommunication industry, aerospace industry, etc.

Sheet metal stamping is used in many other industries. These industries include the electronic industry, telecommunication industry, aerospace industry and many others. 

Final words

If you are a business that needs to produce parts in large quantities, consider outsourcing it to sheet metal stamping services Although the machinery such as presses and dies used in this process are expensive and hard to make, the process itself helps to lower the cost of manufacturing process. 

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