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Laser Cutting & Water Jet

Laser Cutting & Water Jet

Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet Metal Fabrication, sheet metal

Sheet Metal Bending & Forming

Sheet Metal Welding

Sheet Metal Welding

Sheet Metal Fabrication, sheet metal

CNC Machining

Sheet Metal Fabrication, sheet metal

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Easy, Cost-effective, and Efficient

We are a full service provider with over 20 years’ experiences in sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining, including researching and developing as well as mold manufacturing. We are well aligned to serve international clients and have prestige customers from diversified industries and countries.. Our mission is to provide one-stop integrated service to our worldwide customers eliminating cost of “middle-man”.


We support prototyping and smaller quantities. Our team of experienced engineers can provide feedback straight right from the production line and transform your design into a mass-production reality.

Maximum value to our customers

We are very confident that we could contribute to your business growth by:

— Lowering your fabrication cost without compromise in quality

— Expanding your capacity without any additional investment in fixed asset or headcount. By treating us as an off-site source of your own shop, you would be able to expand your service portfolio and capacity at no upfront cost to accommodate the increasingly demanding market.

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