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What is the cause of burrs in the processing part when laser cutting carbon steel
- 2021-01-14 12:41:46 -

Laser cutting machine because of its fast, high-quality, high-yield and other good performance, in the field of carbon steel processing has been a large number of applications. However, due to the lack of understanding of laser cutting machine, many users may encounter various problems in the process of use, which affects the normal operation of laser cutting machine and cutting quality. Today's editor-in-chief talks about what causes burrs in processing parts when lasers cut carbon steel.

(1) the laser focus position is offset, the focus position test is done, and the laser focus offset is adjusted according to the laser focus;

(2) The output power of the laser is not enough, it is necessary to check whether the operation of the laser generator is normal, if normal, then observe whether the output value of the laser control button is correct, if not adjusted correctly;

(3) the cutting line speed is too slow, need to increase the line speed when operating control;

(4) cutting gas purity is not enough, need to provide high-quality cutting work gas;

(5) The instability of the machine running time is too long, at this time needs to shut down and restart.

Laser cutting machine belongs to the valuable high-tech equipment, once in operation, a variety of problems, both labor-intensive, but also increase costs, so in the operation of the time to be careful.

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