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Five key systems for the maintenance and maintenance of laser cutters
- 2021-01-07 09:28:53 -

Laser cutting machine is a combination of high-precision components, in order to its normal use, equipment must be routine maintenance and maintenance, regular professional operation can make the equipment effectively reduce the impact of the environment on the various components, maintenance and maintenance in place in order to make them efficient, trouble-free long-term stable operation. The main components of thin-film laser cutting machines are circuit system, transmission system, cooling system, optical system and dust removal system.

304 stainless steel 2mm laser cutting parts

First, the drive system:

Linear motor rails after a period of use, smoke and dust will have a corrosive effect on the rails, so the organ cover should be removed regularly to maintain linear motor rails. The cycle is semi-annual. Remove the laser cutting machine from the power supply, turn on the organ cover and wipe the rail clean with a clean, soft cloth, then apply a thin layer of white rail lubricant to the rail, and finish the oil in allowing the slider to pull back and forth on the guide to ensure that the lubricant enters the inside of the slider. Remember not to touch the rail directly by hand, as this will cause the rail rust to affect operation.

Second, the optical system:

Optical lenses (protection mirrors, focusing mirrors, etc.) surface, do not touch directly by hand, so that easy to cause mirror scratches. If there are oil stains or dust on the mirror, it will seriously affect the use of the lens, the lens should be cleaned in time. Different lens cleaning methods; mirror cleaning: blowing dust off the surface of the lens with a spray gun; cleaning the surface of the lens with alcohol or lens paper. Focus mirror cleaning: first blow off the dust on the mirror with a spray gun, then remove the dirt with a clean cotton swab, use a new cotton swab with high purity alcohol or acetone from the center of the lens along the circumferes, scrub the lenses, after each wipe a week, change another clean cotton swab, repeat the above operation, until the lens is clean.

Third, the cooling system:

The main role of the chiller is to cool the laser, cold water machine circulating water requirements must use distilled water, water quality problems or environmental dust into the circulation of water, the deposition of these impurities will lead to water system and cutting machine components blockage, thus seriously affecting the cutting effect and even burned optics, so good and regular maintenance is the key to the normal operation of the machine.

1. Use cleaning agent or high-quality soap to remove dirt from the surface of the chiller, do not use benzene, acid, grinding powder, steel brush, hot water and other cleaning;

2. Check whether the condenser is blocked by dirt, please use compressed air or brush to remove the condenser dust;

3. Replace the circulating water (distilled water) and clean the water tank and metal filter;