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How to cut out a good sample with a laser cutter
- 2021-01-07 09:21:44 -

Laser cutting is a relative need for technology, but familiar energy is also a fact, for laser cutting how to cut out good products.

Q235 carbon steel 8mm laser cutting parts

Because laser power density has a great influence on cutting speed, the choice of lens focal length is an important issue. The size of the spot after laser beam focus is directly directly related to the length of the lens focal length, the beam is very small after the focus of the short focal length lens, the power density at the focal point is very high, which is very advantageable for material cutting, but its disadvantage is that the focal depth is very short, the adjustment balance is small, generally more suitable for high-speed cutting thin material. Because the long focal length lens has a wide focal depth, as long as it has sufficient power density, it is more suitable for cutting thick workpieces.

After determining which focal length lens to use, the relative position of the focus and workpiece surface is particularly important to ensure cutting quality. Due to the high power density at the focal point, in most cases the focus position is just below the work surface or slightly below the surface when cutting. Throughout the cutting process, it is important to ensure that the focus is constantly in the opposite position of the work piece to achieve a stable cutting quality. Sometimes, the lens work due to poor cooling and heat, resulting in a change in focal length, which requires timely adjustment of the focus position.