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The main factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting and processing
- 2021-01-07 09:03:51 -

In laser cutting and machining, a unified body consisting of machine tools, fixtures, tools and work parts is called a process system. In the process of laser cutting and processing, there are many error factors that affect the processing accuracy of parts. The various errors of the process system are related in part to the structural state of the process system itself and partly to the cutting process. So what are the main factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting and processing? Laser cutting and processing manufacturers for you to analyze:

Q235 carbon steel 4mm bending parts

1. The greater the thickness of the work piece of laser cutting and processing, the lower the accuracy, the greater the cut.

Laser cutting processing manufacturers analysis, because the laser beam is conical, the cut is also conical, thickness 0.3MM stainless steel than 2MM cut much smaller.

2. The size of the spot after the laser beam passes through the focus

The smaller the spot after the laser beam aggregation, the higher the cutting accuracy, especially the smaller the cut, the smaller the spot up to 0.01mm.

3. Laser cutting processing in the computer operating system failure or infected with a virus. The operating system needs to be reloaded or virus culled.

4. The material of the workware has a certain effect on the precision of laser cutting.

Laser cutting manufacturers say that in the same case, stainless steel than aluminum cutting accuracy is high, smooth cut surface.

5. The effect of cutting speed on cutting quality

For a given laser cutting processing power density and material, the cutting speed is in line with an empirical type, as long as above the pass threshold, the cutting speed of the material is directly related to the laser power density, i.e. increasing the power density can improve the cutting speed. The power density referred to here is related not only to the laser output power, but also to the beam quality pattern. In addition, the characteristics of the beam focusing system, i.e. the size of the spot after focusing, also have a great impact on laser cutting.

6. The influence of the outer light path system

The original beam of light from the laser is transmitted through the outer light path system (including reflection and transmission) and is accurately irradiated to the surface of the work piece at a high power density.