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How to clean the metal laser cutting and processing components
- 2021-01-07 08:58:55 -

Optical element cleaning of metal laser cutting machine is a very important work, if not handled properly, light will affect the cutting quality of the work piece, heavy will lead to equipment can not operate, so that enterprises suffer losses. And once the optical components on metal laser cutting processing are contaminated or even glued to the cutting product small mass point, the cleaning of it is an important and often overlooked problem, the following metal laser cutting processing manufacturers list some cleaning points.

316 stainless steel 20mm laser cutting parts

1. Lens cleaning: bend the lens paper into folds, soak with a few drops of analysis pure acetone, gently wipe the lens surface with soaked lens paper, pay attention not to press the lens with your fingers, repeat several times until the lens surface is clean, no dirt and residual marks remain in the mirror, blow dry with dry air, if necessary, roll the lens paper wet with a few drops of acetone into a rod, gently wipe the lens surface to remove heavy stains.

Note: Acetone easily absorbs moisture and moisture from the air to contaminate the acetone itself, so cover the acetone bottle tightly, do not pour the remaining acetone liquid after cleaning back into the new acetone bottle.

2. Metal laser cutting processing platform needs to be equipped with cleaning device, the existing conventional cleaning device is connected with the motor air compressor, through the air compressor to the cutting platform blowing to achieve the cleaning platform cleaning, although the cleaning device can blow off part of the residue through the wind, but by the direction of the blowing can not completely clean up all the residue, not blown away in time high temperature residue will stick to the platform, affecting the cutting work and cutting machine life.

3. Fan cleaning, long-term use of the fan, will make the fan inside the accumulation of a lot of solid dust, so that the fan produces a lot of noise, but also not conducive to exhaust and deodor. When the fan does not have enough suction power to discharge the smoke, first turn off the power supply, remove the fan's air-in pipe and air-out pipe, remove the dust from the inside, and then the fan upside down, and pull the air leaves inside, until clean, and then install the fan.

4. Cleaning of mirror lenses: remove the lens from the frame, mirror face up, put the lens paper on the mirror, drop a few drops of acetone on the lens paper, and gently pull the lens paper over the mirror, repeat the above process until the mirror is clean, no filth and residue remain in the mirror, if the mirror is used as a mirror, because it can not be coated, polished can be used directly, so it can be used with water (soap or water with washing). However, lenses with coatings on other surfaces cannot be cleaned with water, as many coatings dissolve in water and the lenses are damaged.