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What control systems are commonly used in optical cutting machines? ?
- 2020-12-23 14:35:57 -

Laser cutting machine is a set of CNC technology, laser cutting technology, inverter power supply technology and other high-tech intelligent equipment, the development of laser cutting technology is based on computer control, laser optics, power electronics and other disciplines of common progress, its control system is an important part of laser cutting machine, it is the user-designed graphic image file after a series of processing, eventually turned into a motor and laser control instructions, its performance is the main indicator to measure a laser cutting machine.

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So what control systems are commonly used in laser cutters? The following will be laser cutting machine manufacturers for you to explain:

1.Pyfu system. Befu is based on the Windows operating system, but the Windows system itself is a non-real-time system, theoretically not suitable for industrial control (imagine the production line suddenly like you do when you are operating part of a large online game), in this regard, Pfeiffer's Windows operating system and Twincat control software system resource matching function, as well as prioritization function, can ensure that even if Windows crashes, Twincat still functions.

2. PC-based open control system. The system uses pc as the processing platform, using the gate or PCI and other means to output control signals to the laser cutting machine. Its great advantage is that it can be achieved easily with the help of PC's rich hardware and software resources, the system is easier to implement, and the development cycle is short, but the machine tool realized in this way can not operate independently of PC, the cost is high.

3.PA8000 system. PA system is based on PC technology open CNC system (CNC), open CNC technology represents the world's cutting-edge technology in the field of CNC, its technology has been adopted by many automation companies around the world.

4. The way to combine the PC with the single-chip machine as the core. With the rapid improvement of the processing performance of the microsiver, a laser cutting machine using the microsiver as the core processor and working together with the PC > control system. However, the microsystic computing capacity is limited, a large number of operations in the process still need PC cooperation to complete, limiting the application of laser cutting machine, microskeer itself does not have high-speed industrial communication port, transmission of a large number of laser data takes a long time.

5. Berchu system. Pai Chu system is Chinese for the Chinese market to develop the laser cutting machine system, for 2000W laser cutting machine development of the non-closed-loop open yuan system, the system in 1000W laser cutting machine has the advantages of easy to operate, rich functions, simple operation of human machine, etc. , by most of China's laser cutting machine manufacturers widely used in 1000W laser cutting machine, after many years of upgrading and experiments, is currently within 1000W laser cutting machine stable system configuration.

The above is the laser cutting machine commonly used in the control system related to the introduction, I hope the above content can help you solve the problem, if you want to know more about the problem, welcome to call us or pay attention to our official website to learn more.