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Methods are all here: What are the precautions when working with sheet metal chassis cabinets?
- 2020-09-09 09:22:25 -

At present, metal box processing has become a more prominent processing form in the processing industry. Nowadays, with the popularity of the electronics industry, many electronic products are made of metal with high hardness and long life. Today's small editor to share with you sheet metal chassis cabinet shell processing should pay attention to things.

Metal sheet metal chassis machining precautions.

Sheet metal chassis machining machine

1, the expansion mode should be combined, and easy to save materials and processing.

2, reasonable choice of gap and edge way, 2.0 or less t-0.2, 2-3 below t-0.5, long-side package short edge (door board class)

3, reasonable consideration of tolerance form factor: negative to the end, positive to the end, hole size: positive to the end, negative to half.

4, thrill direction.

5, drawing teeth, riveting, tearing, stamping and bump (bag) direction to draw a profile.

6, check the material, plate thickness and plate thickness tolerance.

7, sheet metal chassis processing special angle, bending angle radius (general r - 0.5) to test and expand.

8. Emphasis should be placed on checking for error-prone areas (similar asymmetries).

9, more size of the place to add amplification map.

10. The place of spraying should be indicated.

11. The coating on the surface of the sheet metal chassis must be uniform and must not be suspended or exposed to the bottom.

12, the logo should be complete, clear, durable, reliable, identification serial number can not be lost.

13, sheet metal chassis panels should be flat, no deformation, distortion, door opening should be uniform, neat.

14, the size should meet the requirements, the error should not be too large.

Due to the different process and material choices of sheet metal chassis manufacturers, the quality of the machined sheet metal chassis cabinet housing is also different. Chassis quality is also different due to different levels of demand. There are different types of chassis, but no matter how different it is, there is a reason.

The above is the small editor today to share with you about sheet metal chassis cabinet processing precautions, I hope to read this article to help you.