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An analysis of the working principle and protection measures of laser cutting and processing
- 2020-12-23 14:25:22 -

In modern society, the application of laser cutting and processing is very wide, whether on survival, or on the old building, the use of stainless steel is increasing year by year, thin-walled stainless steel plate also deep into the various processing industries. And stainless steel welding is a very important process, the differential characteristics of the credential products also determine the difficulty of welding skills, now laser cutting and processing manufacturers for you to science laser cutting processing principle and protection measures:

How laser cutting works:

1. Laser cutting and processing uses high-energy laser pulses to local heat the material in a small area, and the energy of laser radiation is diffused through the internal diffusion of the heat-transmitted guide material, melting the material to form a specific melting pool. It is a new type of welding method, mainly for thin-walled materials, precision parts of welding, can achieve spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, seal welding, etc. , depth-to-width ratio, weld width is small, small thermal impact area, small deformation, welding speed, weld flat, beautiful, welding without treatment or simple treatment, weld quality high, no gas holes, control, focus light point small, positioning accuracy is high, easy to achieve automation.

2. Laser cutting and processing is a kind of light, just like the electroluminescence of nature, caused by the transformation of atoms (molecules or ion kites) and caused by spontaneous radiation. Although the laser is light, it is significantly different from normal light. Lasers rely on spontaneous emission only in a very short period of time, and the subsequent process is determined entirely by excitation radiation, so the laser has a very pure color and little dispersion direction, engraving machine, luminous intensity is very high.

3. The laser also has high indability, high intensity and high directionality, after the laser produces the laser, it is transmitted by the mirror and illuminated to the treated object by the collection mirror, which causes the treated object (surface) to be subjected to strong heat energy and the temperature increases sharply.

Protection measures for laser cutting and processing:

1. Note that the laser and water cooler after re-watering start-up may be due to air in the pipe caused by low flow, and then there is a water flow alarm, if this happens, please by the pump's exhaust holes to the water cycle exhaust operation or 10-20 seconds interval multiple restart of the water pump.

2. Laser cutting processing power-off method: In order to ensure the safety of equipment during the false period, the ac power supply of the laser needs to be disconnected to avoid the impact and damage to the laser due to the unstable voltage or abnormal fluctuations of the power grid when the plant was last powered on.

3. Be sure to drain the cooling water of the laser and water cooler clean, so as not to freeze the cooling water in the shutdown state to damage the equipment, even antifreeze should be discharged clean, because the antifreeze mostly contains corrosive components, it is not recommended to store in the equipment for long periods of time.

These are all related to how laser cutting works and how protective measures are taken.

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