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Choose which points to pay attention to in laser cutting
- 2020-12-23 14:20:51 -

Laser cutting for us is very far away, and even some people, half a lifetime will not be exposed, but for the current industrial technology, laser cutting processing has been essential, especially in this industry, is now more hot one, we all know that now whether it is automotive technology, or aerospace technology, and even industrial technology are inseparable from sheet metal, and laser is an indispensable processing equipment of course, So today laser cutting processing manufacturers for you to explain the choice of laser cutting processing to pay attention to which points:

304 stainless steel 1mm laser cutting parts

1. In laser cutting and processing, auxiliary gas is needed, the function of which is to blow the slag away in time, and also to cool the work. Therefore, the choice of auxiliary gas will be related to the cutting speed and the surface quality of the cut. Generally speaking, the auxiliary gases of laser cutting and processing are oxygen, air, nitrogen and argon, etc., oxygen is suitable for thick plate cutting, high-speed cutting and sheet cutting, while argon is suitable for titanium cutting.

2. Laser cutting machine's late maintenance costs, which is also an important point, perhaps the machine price is very cheap at first, but the late high maintenance costs will drag you to death. Maintenance costs can be asked to use the machine, laser cutting machine lens is very expensive, a good brand of lens to 3-5 million.

3. The gas pressure of the laser cutting process is generally divided between low pressure and high pressure. The choice of pressure is mainly based on plate thickness, cutting speed and laser power. If the metal liquid viscosity is high, then you can choose high pressure, if the plate is thin, the metal liquid viscosity is low, then you can choose low pressure. But whatever pressure you choose, the first thing to make sure is economic performance.

4. Laser cutting processing speed, the appearance of laser cutting machine is used to replace the original shearing machine, the faster the speed represents the future laser cutting speed, the faster the laser cutting capacity is higher

5. Nozzle diameter, is related to the cutting method, if you want to be able to quickly blow away the slag, then the diameter of the nozzle is larger; But if the cut is small, then the nozzle should not be too large. But sometimes you should also pay attention to the pressure, the two should be coordinated.

6. The precision of laser cutting machine is divided into two kinds: laser cutting outer diameter and laser cutting inner diameter. To cut con center circle as an example, the outer circle is the cutting outer diameter, the inner circle is the cutting inner diameter. Higher accuracy means less processing error.

The above is to choose laser cutting processing to pay attention to the relevant points of introduction.