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How do sheet metal machining look? How do I see three views of sheet metal machining drawings?
- 2020-09-01 14:06:01 -

Understanding sheet metal drawings is one of the basic skills necessary for every technician in sheet metal machining. Whether it is the pre-production drawings, or the later drawing processing, is one of the important factors affecting the post-treatment of sheet metal. Many newcomers just entered the line can not, in the face of metal plate drawings, seems helpless, in the end how to see?

Sheet metal machining drawings.

What do you think of sheet metal processing drawings?

First of all, to grasp the "long to positive, high flat, equal width" principle. That is, the viewing method for combining stereo views is the reverse process of drawing. A drawing uses a set of views to represent space objects on a plane. Based on a set of views of an object on a plane, the spatial shape of the object is analyzed. So look at pictures and pictures, they are closely related and complementary.

Method 1: Form analysis.

The basic priority of looking at the graph is: the combination diagram has a third-class law, to contact several views at the same time imagine the actual thing. The methods and steps of looking at the graph: when looking at the graph by the form analysis method, the steps of the view are to understand the features of the view grasp, to analyze the shape-to-projection, and to think of the whole.

Method 2: Line analysis.

For objects with clear shape regulation, such as superimposed bodies, the problem of looking at the graph can be solved by the form analysis method alone. When the local shape of an object and an object is complex (e.g. a cut body), it is not convenient to divide it into several components by form analysis, the graph can be viewed by line analysis.

Line analysis to see the main points of the graph: the key to see the graph with line analysis is to analyze the view of each wireframe and each segment represents the spatial significance. For complex combinations, you should also analyze their surface shapes. For example, an object with an oblique (straight face) has one projection accumulated into a line, and the other projections become similar.

For combinations with more layers, wireframes can be used to analyze the mutual positions of each surface on them, and to find out the positional relationship between front, rear, left and right. In this way, a combination of various analytical methods can be used to arrive at the complete concept of the composition.

The above is how to look at sheet metal processing drawings three views of the method introduction, I believe that after reading this article you have also mastered some tips!