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Sheet metal laser cutting technology transforms the process design program
- 2020-12-02 10:27:22 -

Sheet metal laser cutting technology has emerged in recent years and has been booming, in the field of metal sheet cutting, from micron-grade sheet to tens of millimeters of thick plate, can be effective cutting.

Make sheet metal bend when the steel part is consistent on the CNC bending machine, to ensure that the same batch of commodity specifications consistent. Suitable for fine sheet metal with a thickness of less than 6mm cutting process, no less than laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, shearing machine, stamping and so on. SPCC surface without any protection, exposure to air is easy to oxidize, especially in humid environment oxidation speed, the appearance of dark red rust, when used on the surface to paint, plating or other protection. 

Cutting pattern design is not a single, can adapt to customer demand to change, so this is why the plane laser cutting machine can process different types of agricultural machinery products, traditional agricultural machinery cutting equipment in cutting different metal materials, may need to change the process, more time-consuming, and the plane laser cutting machine can change the process in the middle, design the corresponding procedures can be started.

Comparing laser cutting machine, flame cutting and plasma cutting, laser cutting machine in sheet metal cutting, whether in cutting accuracy, or processing speed, as well as processing diversity should perform better, so more and more sheet metal manufacturers choose laser cutting machine. After the steel parts fall, edges, hair edges, contacts to carry out the necessary repair, small inner hole contacts to correspond to the small knife repair, to ensure that the appearance of the beautiful and generous, in addition to the design of the repair also for sheet metal bending accurate positioning made to ensure.

316 stainless steel 20mm laser cutting parts