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The correct way for the laser cutter to operate
- 2020-11-30 10:15:28 -

The correct way to operate the laser cutter is to carry out a series of inspection of the equipment, do not carry out daily inspection, we do not recommend that you turn on the laser cutting equipment, and the laser cutting machine's daily inspection content is roughly:

Carry out the inspection of circulating water and circulating water tank, if found that the purity of circulating water is not enough, to be replaced in time, so as not to affect the normal operation of the machine. And the inspection of the water tank is mainly to clean the water tank inspection, the water tank scale clean;

Laser cutting machine this large-scale processing equipment in operation, it is inevitable that will not set off a gray fog, and the fan is an important exhaust part of the laser cutting equipment, the more dust accumulated by the fan, "return" is certainly greater.

Long-term operation, laser cutting equipment may appear loose inside, which is very dangerous, not alarmist. When the laser cutter is loose because the screws and couplings are not tight enough, light affects the operation and stability of the equipment, while heavy blow-up directly threatens the operator's safety. Therefore, this is to attract great attention.

First, the material to be processed in the workstation fixed, and then according to the type of material, thickness set the corresponding parameters, cutting pattern, output power, etc. , but also to determine a good good lens and nozzle;

Second, the second step is to determine the focus of the laser cutting machine cutting head, at the same time to check whether the nozzle is centered;

Third, auxiliary gas is very important for the processing of laser cutting equipment, check whether the auxiliary gas spray is normal;

Fourth, in accordance with the cutting requirements to carry out the corresponding preparation, and then import;

Five, "drop" the sound of pressing the execution key.

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