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The automotive industry uses the benefits of laser cutting
- 2020-11-30 09:30:11 -

To build and produce a beautiful-looking car, a 3D five-axis fiber laser cutter is essential for thermodymal parts. Thermo-molded parts 3D five-axis fiber laser cutting machine is specially tailored for the automotive industry thermo-molded parts laser cutting, equipment performance is stable, processing once molding.

It uses cantilever open structure, beam mobile high-speed 3D five-axis laser cutting machine tool, speed, high precision, good efficiency and reliability, etc. , very suitable for the automotive industry. In addition, its cutting head can be N x 360 degrees infinite rotation, ± 135 degrees swing, making it easy to complete the processing of parts.

In the process of mold making, trim and punching process is the difficulty in mold manufacturing process, especially some large automobile molds with complex structure, such as slope cutting and sloping. If the repair edge of the traditional way of production will be very difficult, and need to repeatedly fumble several times or even a dozen times, to the fitter processing equipment has brought a great workload.

Not only the skill level of fitters put forward higher requirements, but also will seriously affect the subsequent process mold debugging. And in reality, there are many trim, punch mold cutting edge material from the cost consideration of the use of alloy steel. If the traditional trim molding method is adopted, it is inevitable that the edge will be welded multiple times. Due to materials such as the above in the process of multiple welding, easy to crack and cause the mounting scrapping, had to be re-reprocessed. In this way, not only the cycle will be delayed, but also the cost of mold production will be greatly increased.

If the use of three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine for laser cutting, in the development of automotive parts, after the successful test of the pull-out sample parts, you can use laser cutting to replace the trim, punching process, the cutting of the sample directly used for the next edge-turning process for the test mold.

Compare the resulting sample with the mold, and if there is a difference, trim the last trim line through the computer and cut it again until it is successful. This greatly increases the entire mold process, reflecting the aesthetic point of view. It fits better with the mosaics and connections between the components, improving the aesthetics of the entire car and winning over consumers.

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