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Where laser cutters are used
- 2020-11-27 14:35:34 -

CNC machine tool laser cutting with high precision, high-speed operation, especially flexible processing (without molding) and other advantages, into sheet metal processing technology trends. Laser cost-effective high-performance excellence in the sheet metal manufacturing industry, suffered from sheet metal company's pro-gaze, laser cutting equipment into sheet metal processing business process order information strong ensure.

Automotive manufacturing industry is a high-tech concentrated manufacturing industry, lasers as a mode of production and manufacturing, in Europe and the United States more developed industrial production in China, 50% to 70% of auto parts are processed with lasers, automotive manufacturing key to metal laser welding machine and laser cutting as the key processing methods, including floor plan cutting, 3D cutting.

Host box, electrical switches, electronic control cabinets, elevator car manufacturers select laser cutting equipment, further improve productivity, reduce product costs. In addition, sheet metal chassis and elevator cars and other manufacturing industries because of the increasingly fierce market competition in the sales market, many kinds of small-volume production of goods more and more, laser cutting flexible processing methods to further improve product quality in addition, but also greatly shorten the cycle time of playing samples, for customers to produce a strong competitiveness.

The selection of laser cutting petroleum sieve seam tube is one of the typical applications of laser cutting technology in the petrochemical industry. In the whole process of oil exploration, loose geological structure sand protection is one of the important parts in the design of oil and gas wells and oil extraction engineering. It is generally in the vicinity of the pipeline to process a lot of small gaps to block the vast majority of the weathering layer. The key characteristics of the tube laser cutting depend on its ability to cut gradient-oriented seams in the outer wide inner narrow or outer narrow inner models, making the petroleum sieve seam tubes more powerful.

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