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Laser cutting and processing makes industrial production easier and faster
- 2020-11-27 14:33:19 -

At this stage, laser cutting processing has long been applied to the category of more and more common, laser cutting has now been gradually replaced by traditional CNC blade cutting. Laser cutting is widely used in the processing of metal and non-metallic materials, which can greatly reduce the processing time, reduce processing costs, improve the quality of work.

Laser cutting is the use of laser focus point caused by high-power momentum to complete, under the control of the electronic computer according to a single pulse to charge and discharge the laser, and then send out a high frequency of single-pulse laser, resulting in a certain rate, a certain pulse width of light, through the laser optical path transmission and reflective surface, and then according to the focus point lens group gathered on the desired cutting objects, and then with a momentary high 溫 melting or vaporization of the goods to be processed. Under computer control, laser processing heads and processed raw materials are connected at a constant relative speed in a pre-designed mode, allowing objects to be machined into the desired shape.

Today's laser is not only used to cut objects, it can also be used in plastic art art painting, laser painting is now also very timely, according to the laser on the woodworking board art painting you want the pattern.

304 stainless steel 1mm laser cutting parts