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How do I bend a part that is sheet metal expanded and actually has errors?
- 2020-11-24 13:36:07 -

Sheet metal unfolding calculations are an important skill because sheet metal unfold dimensions directly affect the accuracy of sheet metal machining parts. Sheet metal expand size is an important data that affects sheet metal bend accuracy. The accuracy of the sheet metal unfold calculation is determined by the bend deduction factor. When we make sheet metal bends, we need to calculate the sheet metal unfold dimensions first. Measure the actual sheet metal expand size and calculate that there is no problem bending. We have the habit of bend operators is not good, directly according to the drawing size bend, bend molding, measurement of the final bend size, with the drawing several millimeters difference, sheet metal direct scrap. The final molding size is some of the form factor with size, there are tolerances to match.

Q235 carbon steel 6mm laser cutting parts

For sheet metal unfolded and actual error parts, how to bend?

1. First look at the drawings have not marked tolerance dimensions, label tolerances are generally with other parts of the place, size difference will cause parts scrap, quality inspectors can not be qualified. If tolerances are marked, bend according to the actual size of the drawing. To ensure that the drawings have tolerances, other non-important dimensions can be in accordance with the actual situation, increase or reduce the bend size.

2. What about parts that are not marked with tolerances? This needs to be based on practical experience to bend, their own assembly or have an assembly map, to consult, view those for important dimensions, according to the above method bend. Just sheet metal parts, not assembled in their own company, can not communicate to the technical information, you can refer to the following methods of bending:

a. Door plate sheet metal, embedded doors are the largest size of the shape has a matching relationship. Exterior door form factor is also important, thickness direction is also important. Therefore, the door board class only the first bend is not an important size, you can make corresponding adjustments.

b. Sheet metal with lumbar hole (long round hole), lumbar hole is playing the role of processing error adjustment, bend size with waist hole can be adjusted accordingly.

c. There are parts with front and back bends, the first bend is less than 10 mm. It is usually a border part that works with the door panel. The first bend, can also be adjusted according to the actual situation.

d. If you can't tell the actual usage, you can only tell the bend error equally for each bend, which is the bend size strength within the free tolerance.

About sheet metal unfolding and actual non-conformity, work, priority to ensure that the expanded size to calculate accurate, multi-and sheet metal process communication, multi-and CNC or laser cutting operators communication, the most sheet metal size requirements strict, and strive to do the best sheet metal parts.