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Sheet metal processing quality but how to do, the following three measures can be effectively improv
- 2020-11-23 09:22:40 -

With the progress of technology, high-performance equipment is becoming more and more perfect, sheet metal processing this process is becoming more and more mature, it has been widely used in all walks of life. Whether it is electrical and electronic appliances or the automotive industry, communications engineering or medical device industry are inseparable from sheet metal. However, in practice, there is a mixed quality phenomenon, the following to teach you some improvement measures.

304 stainless steel 5mm laser cutting parts

Measures to improve the quality of processing in sheet metal processing

First, the operator factor

Controls to prevent defects arising from operations in which the operator is in a leading role are:

(1) Strengthen the quality awareness education of "quality first and user first" and establish and improve the quality responsibility system;

(2) Write a clear and detailed operation process - strengthen the professional training of the process, issue the operation certificate;

(3) Strengthen the work of "three inspections" and appropriately increase the frequency of inspections (including self-tests);

Second, machine factors

(1) Strengthen equipment maintenance and maintenance, regularly test the key accuracy and performance items of equipment, and establish a daily inspection system for key parts of equipment, the process quality control point of the equipment for key control;

(2) using the first inspection system to verify the adjustment amount of the positioning or quantitative device (e.g. one-time positioning accuracy compensation for the bezel BG behind the bender);

(3) use CNC machine tools as far as possible to reduce the reliance on the reliability of workers' operation;

(4) Gradually establish the TPM management system, that is, through the establishment of a system-wide staff involved in the production and maintenance activities, so that equipment performance to achieve optimal.

Third, sheet metal processing technology

The process method includes the arrangement of the process, the connection between the process, the choice of processing means (such as the choice of processing environment conditions, the choice of process equipment configuration, the choice of process parameters) and the preparation of process processing guidance documents (such as process card, machine tool operating procedures, work instructions, process quality analysis table, etc.), the influence of process method on process quality mainly comes from three aspects: First, the formulation of processing methods, the selection of process parameters and process equipment, such as correctness and rationality Second, the implementation of the seriousness of the process method, and third, inter-departmental supervision of the implementation of the process.