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The advantages of sheet metal processing in auto repair
- 2020-11-18 09:38:40 -

In the process of car use, it is inevitable that there will be damage, although can be repaired, but the paint will have a color deviation. In today's rapid development of social science and technology today, as long as the paint surface did not fall off, cracking, the current sheet metal processing plant can be through depression repair technology to make it as good as possible, compared with the traditional repair technology, it has the following advantages:

1. The repair effect is close to perfection. No matter what damage your car suffers, it can be technically able to repair your car to a level close to the original, but there is a certain deviation in color

2. The second is the short time. Repairing a dent takes about 10-60 minutes, while traditional processes take 1-2 days, which is significantly shorter.

3. The effect is long-lasting. Repaired cars do not appear discoloration, discoloration, etc.

4. Environmental protection. Depression repair is a non-polluting operation, while sheet metal and paint will discharge waste and cause pollution to the environment.

5. It's cheap. The cost is only half that of traditional sheet metal and paint.

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