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What factors affect the quality of laser cutting processing?
- 2020-11-18 09:35:39 -

About the quality of laser cutting processing, both precision and cutting surface is much better than other multi-cutting methods. So customers are turning to this fast, effective cutting method. But many people found that laser cutting processing the same products, some manufacturers cutting quality is good, some are poor. This is related to the operation of workers, because the impact of laser cutting to your quality factors, the following small editor to briefly introduce to you.

304 stainless steel 5mm laser cutting parts

1, beam parameters

(1) The mode mode is directly related to the focusing ability of the beam, which is equivalent to the sharpness of the mechanical cutting tool. Step mode or base mode is represented by TMn. The energy distribution of the section beam is approximate to that of the Gaussic curve.

(2) Output power

If other variables (e.g. power distribution, spot size, etc.) remain the same, increasing power can increase cutting speed or can cut materials with thicker new faces.

(3) Stability cutting quality depends on beam energy and quality. Therefore, the stability of laser output is a key factor in cutting. It includes maintaining an unresuming output energy (power stability), the same beam mass (pattern stability), and path lying stability. It also includes the polarization of the laser beam, the focus of the laser beam and the pulsed beam.

2, work parts performance

The performance of the work piece is the key factor that affects the cutting quality and determines whether it can be cut. The performance of the work piece refers to the surface reflectivity of the material and the surface state of the material.

3, other factors

(1) the effect of cutting moment and nozzle;

(2) the influence of the outer light path system;

(3) The work piece is fixed.