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Anti-corrosion treatment of sheet metal processing
- 2020-11-17 08:56:12 -

Metal sheet processing is called sheet metal processing. Specifically, such as the use of sheet to make chimneys, iron barrels, fuel tank oil jugs, ventilation pipes, elbow size head, tianyuan place, funnel shape, etc. , the main process has shearing, bending edge, bending molding, welding, riveting, etc. ; How do I keep air-exposed metals from being corroded? Anti-corrosion has always been a big problem for metal products. Let's tell you next!

Q235 carbon steel 20mm laser cutting parts

1, sheet metal processing products grass-roots rust removal.

2, sheet metal processing products to do epoxy zinc-rich primer, mainly used in steel structure and steel products rust-proof primer, its coating film has a good chemical and chemical performance, easy to build, good supporting performance. The main components are: epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, zinc powder, rust-proof pigments, additives and machine solvents.

3, sheet metal processing products to do epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint: with epoxy zinc-rich primer supporting the use of long-lasting anti-corrosion coating transition layer, its role is to enhance the closed and anti-corrosion composite coating, can also be used as anti-corrosion anti-rust primer, coating strong, with good adhesion and closure, and front and rear coating matching good. Its components are: epoxy resin and curing agent, mica iron oxide and rust-proof pigments.

4, sheet metal processing products to do surface layer. Its surface layer can be used for epoxy asphalt paint, chlorinated rubber paint, acrylic and polyurethane paint, fluorocarbon paint and so on.