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Sheet metal processing used in car repair
- 2020-08-02 12:59:55 -

The car here mainly refers to cars, not cars.

Here sheet metal, with processing steel bends and other sheet metal, is eight rods can not play two occupations, do not have to tangle.

What do car sheet metal workers do? Simply put, if your car breaks down, you'll have to find a car sheet metal worker when you want to correct it back. (hereinafter referred to as sheet metal workers)

Here's a quick explanation of the type of work that's going on in car repair. Car maintenance work is mainly for three categories: 1. mechanic, 2. Sheet metal, 3. Painter. (Electricians do not say alone) machine repair, that is, repair the engine, chassis (also known as suspension);

All that's left is the work of the sheet metal worker.

We often see cars that crash into the ground, like Coke cans that are flattened by a foot.

How do you fix it back?

At this time you have to see the ability of sheet metal workers.

Sheet metal workers are the ones who can get the "flattened Coke can" back as it is.

Occasional exceptions, such as crashing into two, pressing into pizza, squeezing into sandwiches and other cars that meet the scrapping criteria (pictured, can be self-despaw accident vehicles), there is no need to repair.

Is not repair not to go back, is combined with the actual, draw not to repair, change.

One of the main things sheet metal workers repair is the frame.

Here's the picture:

Sheet metal processing during car repair

When the frame is hit causing disalteration, deformation, to repair back, this requires sheet metal workers to correct it, reset. (as well as replacements, partial changes)

There are some body problems, a car is not only a frame, but also a lot of accessories, assembled to become a complete car.

The first is the front and rear bumpers. Bumpers are almost all plastic (not to mention in individual cases). All plastic parts on the body are not resistant to collision, easy to damage, inconvenient to repair, generally choose to replace. Often the owner asked, this plastic hit on the broken, then how not to use iron? As far as I know, the front and rear bumpers are made of plastic, even with materials that are more easily damaged because they do less damage to the human body. (Some models also take into account the weight of the body, such as the carbon fiber material used in sports cars, which can refer to the various types of sports car shapes after impact) Which is why the car is mostly rounded and not designed to have many prominent angular shapes. (Supplement: The comments area on why bumpers are made of plastic has been better explained by friends)

Then the engine, chassis, fuel tank these things, we rest assured to hand over to handsome mechanics to deal with it. Then there are the doors, the bonnets, the back luggage lids, which have been broken and have to be repaired by sheet metal workers.

On the frame, in addition to mechanics, including these doors, front and rear covers installed on a variety of components, are handled by sheet metal workers, these, even if sheet metal workers another major repair project.

What do these component problems refer to? For example, the door can not open, the door glass can not rise, the sunroof can not close, the bonnet can not cover.


It looks pretty simple.

It's actually quite simple.

Understand the structure of the car, how the components work, find the root cause of the problem, and then find a way to solve it.

Of course, it's a little bit more cumbersome to operate.

After all, you have to take the time to get to know these things. For example, the door can not open this kind of problem, sometimes may also be closed, or outside play open, inside can not open, or anti-theft lock can not be locked, locked and can not open, or the door can only lock to a gear, or the door is very bad switch, or the door switch when rattled, or the door drooping, or the door can not self-absorb, or the door pull up not return, or the door all closed after the indicator show the door is not closed ... Next, let's talk about a sheet metal worker's major repair project.

It's the look.

After the car broke down, the first thing we had to repair was the frame, because all the parts were on the frame.

Just after the frame is checked, we have to measure the size to determine whether the position of each screw hole is fully reset, symmetry (symmetry is important).

Then we have to take other parts to install up the comparison, see after assembly, with the original car gap, line, screw hole position is not biased, can not match. (especially the gaps in the lights and doors)

Well-repaired basically from the appearance can not see is repaired, repaired on all kinds of ugly, this we all understand.

Appearance repair is not good, the main one is to look at sheet metal workers' technology (deputy factory accessories or something I will not say).

That's about it.

Finally, the answer is from the perspective of getting started to explain the career of car sheet metal workers, so try to start from the simplest point of view.