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Sheet metal processors tell you how to solve problems in automotive stamping parts
- 2020-11-16 10:44:39 -

Automotive precision metal stamping parts are rich in products and complex in shape. In general, precision metal stamping can produce small car parts in complex shapes. However, in stamping production, some undesirable phenomena may occur. How to avoid these problems has become the primary problem of processing high-quality stamping parts. Here are solutions to the automotive precision stamping problem.

The mid-plane bracket is the key carrying connector for the entire dashboard assembly of the car cab. It is an important link to ensure the stable and reliable use of all kinds of instruments. Due to the high-speed rotation of high-power engines and the harsh road conditions of the vehicle, the cab is prone to strong vibration and turbulence, resulting in the failure of some functions of the circuits and instruments on the front control panel.

Therefore, the intermediate support must be able to withstand, impact bending fatigue load and torque, so that it has sufficient bending strength, shear strength and good toughness. In addition, if the work piece is formed with more force than it is applied, or if the micro-crack extends to a certain extent, causing tearing or skewing, it will not only waste the material, but also accelerate the aging of the mold under partial load operation.

In the assembly of the dashboard bracket in the car cab, it is found that in the production of precision stamping parts, the left and right support of the middle side is often torn and skewed. These defects are mainly distributed in the work piece, part of the sidewall corner and R arc and wall neck connection. After careful analysis, it is believed that the main reason for the mold is that the mold is unstable in the process of processing, in the mold long-term wear, core clearance and mold structure design is not properly designed to adjust the mold. Therefore, the corresponding control measures can be put forward from both technical and management aspects to provide reference for the processing of similar parts and the design and processing of precision hardware.

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