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How to select a bender when processing sheet metal
- 2020-11-16 10:38:01 -

Sheet metal processing manufacturers ordinary elbow machine, we usually call it ordinary elbow machine non-CNC elbow machine. Generally speaking, machine tool manufacturers can produce a variety of CNC bending machines, but the quality of ordinary machine tools is more representative of whether the enterprise is creative.

Sheet metal machining CNC bender

1. The market share of the equipment. In the Internet age, when you need a product, many manufacturers will give you products, constantly boasting about themselves, despise others. But are these persuasive?

At the moment, it's market share that's compelling. In the industry, you can basically know which machine is more popular, which machine is easy to use, and which machine is basically not working well. Users' word-of-mouth is important because they are the front-runners and the more direct contacts of the product.

2, enterprise scale, which directly affects after-sales service, we can not expect only a dozen employees of small and medium-sized enterprises can bring you immediate after-sales service, formal enterprises, healthy enterprise division of labor is clear, can only believe that such enterprises can bring you reliable products.

The above two points in general, there is no direct contact with the machine. Next, we'll discuss the quality of the machine. How can we compare elbow machines when they don't know much about them?

First, the volume and weight of the machine. The main consumables of the machine are steel. The advantages of volume and weight are usually greater and better than those of light aircraft.

Secondly, precision, sheet metal processing manufacturers to understand the accuracy of the machine, as far as possible to take their own processing parts to the machine factory to try, but generally there is no such situation, affecting the accuracy of the machine is the back cover, vertical plate, mold strength. The rear bezel is still driven by a chain and therefore has no precision. These beams are made of aluminum and look good. Deformation after multiple collisions of plates. There are wire bars, rails, etc. , now the strength of enterprises are equipped with ball screws and linear rails. The strength of the vertical plate is directly related to the thickness of the vertical plate.