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How to prevent corrosion during sheet metal machining
- 2020-11-13 09:55:58 -

Sheet metal chassis after production will appear some problems, such as resonance in the process of operation, dust in the air, etc. , will cause some harm to the sheet metal chassis, so how to improve and avoid these problems?

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First look at how sheet metal processing can avoid sheet metal chassis resonance? Sheet metal chassis will occur a certain degree of vibration during operation, and long-term resonance will cause some harm to mechanical equipment. Therefore, in the face of earthquakes, it may be necessary to do a sheet metal processing shock absorber device, and the equipment after expansion of 10 to 2000 Hz almost no resonance phenomenon. Although the irregular peak is about 200hz, the metal cabinet has resonant expansion, but the time is very short and the pass rate drops very quickly, affecting the shelves. After the box left the factory, also need to detect whether there are cracks and other phenomena, the connection can not be loose. After strengthening the cabinet planning, choose a reasonable vibration isolation system, and carry out test and verification, so that the cabinet can meet the requirements of on-board environmental applications. With the research and application of the new vibration isolation technology in plate processing, the improvement of dynamic test technology and the improvement of vibration analysis level, the vibration isolation planning method will be more abundant and perfect.

Sheet metal processing theory: No matter what kind of chassis sheet metal processing, long-term exposure to the air, will produce dust, may be oxidized, become less bright. Is there any way to solve this problem? Maybe how do we maintain this sheet metal box? An easy way to maintain a sheet metal chassis is to clean it.

1. First, the surface of the plate chassis needs to be cleaned to remove dirt from the surface.

2. Then scrub with soap, liquid detergent or 5% ammonia.

3. Rinse carefully with water again.

4. Dry the chassis, the chassis surface residual water stains. During the drying process, we should scrub in the same direction to make it cleaner.

5. Although sheet metal chassis has aging irreversible work, but after frequent cleaning, we can delay this "aging", adhere to cleaning sheet metal chassis is also conducive to high working conditions. Sheet metal chassis is properly maintained to extend service life and reduce production costs.