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Understand the requirements for sheet metal machining when cutting selected equipment
- 2020-11-12 09:05:27 -

Sheet metal cutting processing, which for us, should not feel rusty, because the site has been carrying out this aspect of common sense commentary, to let us gradually deepen sheet metal cutting processing this product, so as to constantly add their own professional common sense, so next, is still around this topic to open and carry out, accelerate the speed of learning of the product.

Sheet metal cutting processing, its use of more equipment, is for the flame cutting machine and CNC machine tools, such as these, choose which equipment, by the actual situation and cut requirements to decide. Carbon sheet metal and rust-free sheet metal can be cut by laser. However, in the detailed variety of laser cutting, it is for carbon dioxide laser cutting and fiber laser cutting both. In the cutting thickness, carbon sheet metal is not more than 20mm, rusty sheet metal is not more than 10mm.

In sheet metal cutting, under what circumstances can water be cut instead of flame cut? Sheet metal cutting processing, water cut detail refers to the water knife cut, because it is not like flame cutting has a flammable and explosive danger, so, some flame cutting can not operate on special occasions, can be cut open with water. In cutting the cost, is to be lower than laser cutting.

Galvanized sheet metal, can I use laser cutting? Does the selection of different gases have an effect? Galvanized sheet metal, which can be selected for laser cutting, in the cutting equipment, is for the laser cutting machine, and, in the process of cutting will be applied to the gas, and different gases, the cut quality and cut effect has some impact.

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