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How to cut in sheet metal processing
- 2020-11-10 09:30:19 -

In order to increase the use of materials, most sheet metal parts will be processed sheet metal. This can change the shape or function of sheet metal, so more and more people choose sheet metal processing. The more important thing in sheet metal processing is the processing of cutting, which is also very important for processing.

Q235 carbon steel 5mm laser cutting partsv

So how to cut in sheet metal processing? Let me explain it to you.

Cut processing in sheet metal processing is not only for shape changes for thickness and so on can be processed, so in different situations to use the present effect is also different. Therefore, cutting for sheet metal parts in the processing is to change its essence of the role, it must be known that the cutting method is also quite more.

Commonly, there are electrical welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting and other methods, and in sheet metal parts in the processing of cutting are the use of laser cutting processing. This is because sheet metal is relatively hard, so it is also a good choice to choose laser cutting when handling.

When using laser cutting, the cross-section is also relatively neat and clean. It's also relatively easy to post-process, and more easier to use. When used, there will be no inso-fits-all, and the effects can be considerable. Very much care should be taken when cutting to prevent the cutting part from being in disarray.