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How to make the processing surface of the laser cutting machine smooth
- 2020-11-09 10:31:44 -

Everyone in the use of laser cutting machine is a lot of skills, if we do not use in the application process in accordance with the normal method, it is basically difficult to ensure its stable operation, if you want to make its work efficiency to improve, in the process of use also need to apply a lot of skills, as follows:

Laser cutter

The cut width of the laser cutter arc is 1.5 to 2 times wider than that of the oxygen-acetylene cut, and the cut width increases with the thickness of the plate. For stainless steel or aluminum with a thickness of less than 25mm, can be cut with a small current plasma arc, the straightness of the cut is very high, especially the cutting thickness of 8mm or less of the plate, can cut out small angles, even without processing can be directly welded, which is difficult to obtain large current plasma arc cutting. This provides convenience for sheet irregular curves and cutting irregular holes.

The plane degree of the cutting surface refers to the spacing between the higher and lower points on the cutting surface of the part under test, and the two parallel lines made in the direction of the inclination of the cutting surface. CNC cutting machine in the use of high-energy ion arc cutting, in order to ensure that its cut width is consistent, it is necessary to consider the comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the measurement. This involves cutting material material, the proportion of various metal content, and the torch height during the cutting process. Under normal circumstances, there is a melting layer about 0.25 to 3.80 mm thick on the surface of the plasma arc indentation, but the chemical composition of the indentation surface has not changed.

Laser cutting machine is the use of plasma arc through the material surface to achieve the cutting effect, plasma arc often from the upper part of the incision than the lower cut more metal, so that the end face of the cut slightly tilted, the upper edge is generally square, but sometimes slightly circular. The distance between the two cutting faces at the upper edge of the cut, which may result from the cutting beam flow. In the case of melting of the upper edge of the cut, the distance between the two cutting faces under the molten layer is abnormal.

Such as cutting aluminum alloy containing Mg5, although there is a 0.25mm thick melting layer, but the composition has not changed, there is no oxide. Dense welds can also be obtained if welded directly with a cutting surface. When cutting stainless steel, chromium carbides do not fall along the crystal boundary because the heat zone quickly passes through a critical temperature of 649 degrees C.

Therefore, cutting stainless steel with plasma arcs does not affect its corrosion resistance.