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Chassis processing sheet metal processing manufacturers how to ensure quality
- 2020-11-09 09:36:56 -

Access to excellent sheet metal machining parts depends on both a high level of design, strict quality control of the production process, and good manufacturing techniques, as well as the right process technology.

316 stainless steel 2mm bending parts

The mass of sheet metal machining parts is divided into external mass and internal mass. External quality control mainly refers to the geometry and shape accuracy of parts to meet the requirements of the pattern, surface no damage, pollution, edges without burrs, etc. ;

To preserve a high-quality sheet metal chassis, sheet metal processing enterprises need to have a perfect and strict process system.

Process control of sheet metal processing quality

First, the external quality control of parts: factors affecting the geometry and shape accuracy of sheet metal parts in addition to the error of the process equipment itself, there are four main aspects: First, the material in forming the thickness of the change; These factors in sheet metal process preparation should be combined with parts characteristics, the status quo of process equipment and the quality of operators to consider the overall, specified in the process documents.

Second, the in-house quality control of parts:

After the material is deformed into sheet metal part by plastic deformation, its chemical and chemical properties must meet the design requirements, because the sheet metal part is designed on the basis of the material's chemical and chemical properties.

During sheet metal part machining, controlling its chemical and chemical properties meets the usual requirements:

1, the provision of appropriate intermediate heat treatment and final heat treatment parameters, the material performance requirements strictly sensitive to internal stress materials, in the formation of arrangements to eliminate stress process;

2, the use of thermomomo molding processing sheet metal parts are, to strictly control the heating temperature and heating time;

3, all the need for intermediate fire sheet metal parts must strictly control the amount of deformation before the fire to avoid critical deformation;

4, reasonable arrangement of sheet metal processing parts hardness inspection process;