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How to improve the precision sheet metal processing accuracy?
- 2020-11-07 16:21:14 -

In machining, errors are inevitable. To ensure efficiency, reduce material waste, reduce labor force, we must ensure and improve processing accuracy. So what are the ways to improve processing accuracy?

Q235 carbon steel 6mm laser cutting parts

1. Error equilibrium method: If the positioning error is large, the split method can be used. Divide the original error into n groups by its size, narrow the margin of error to 1/n, and then adjust the processing to each group.

2. Error transfer method: the original error of the processing system is passed to the non-sensitive direction of the processing error or other aspects that do not affect the processing accuracy under certain conditions. For example, when the accuracy of the machine does not meet the requirements of part machining, it is possible to create conditions on the machining or fixture so that the geometric error of the machine tool can be transferred to areas that do not affect the accuracy of the machine.

3. Error homogenization method: For parts with high processing accuracy, the homogenization method can be used. It is to identify differences by comparing closely related surfaces, and then modifying or benchmarking each other so that the error of the work surface is reduced and equal.

4. Error compensation method: Artificially create a new error to offset the original error in the process system. When the original error is negative, the human error is positive, take the negative value and try to make the two dimensions equal.

5. Error reduction method: If there are any errors in production, first identify the main factors affecting processing errors, and then try to eliminate or reduce these factors. For example, when machining parts with shaped surfaces, it is mainly to reduce the shape error of forming tools and tool installation errors.

In machining, the accuracy of processing error is inevitable. Only by analyzing the factors affecting the error can we take corresponding preventive measures to reduce the processing error and improve the processing efficiency.