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Sheet metal z-shaped bending how to ensure complex sheet metal processing process and economy!
- 2020-11-07 16:17:15 -

In sheet metal processing process, Z-shaped work parts are often encountered a part, Z-shaped parts are cars, home appliances, metal and many other products are very common in a bend stamping part. Mass production of Z-shaped parts, naturally need to be bent mold to complete, but because of these materials, thickness, geometry and dimensional accuracy, even the same type of Z-shaped parts, in different products, its quality requirements, assembly conditions are different.

304 stainless steel 2mmZ laser cutting parts

Z-shaped sheet metal bend part processing mold characteristics

1, bending bending mold

This type of mold is characterized by the design, manufacture is relatively simple, punch positioning (using holes on the punch) is more accurate, reliable, convenient, can better ensure the positioning accuracy of the bend line. However, when the punch is a right-angle Z-shaped part, due to the mold structure, as well as the impact of poor material thickness, the punch rebound can not be controlled. Therefore, only suitable for bending line position accuracy requirements are not high, and the bending height is small, can cancel the processing method of elastic press device.

2, bending mold

This type of mold adapts to a wide range, regardless of whether the stamping material is thin or not, soft or hard, whether its bending angle is sharp angle, right angle or blunt angle, bending height is large or small, as long as the appropriate design stamping parts on the mold in the first angle β, that is, can be used bending Z-shaped bending die hedge.

3, edge bending mold

Using the Z-shaped part of this turn-over bending mold, you can not consider the length of the bending line, curved, parallel, only requires a short bend length, and has a certain bending height, and is right-angle or blunt-angle Z-shaped parts. Especially for curved lines that are curved or not parallel and have a longer length, as well as curved edges, the highly curved Z-shaped parts are particularly suitable. However, for the curved edge length is larger, the bending angle is less than 90 degrees, the punch material is thicker, harder Z-shaped parts, it is not appropriate to use this mold.

Sheet metal Z-shaped bend processing manufacturers

Therefore, before processing, it is necessary for staff to choose different types of Z-shaped bending molds according to different Z-type parts and their requirements. So that the use of this mold production and processing of Z-shaped parts, in terms of quality, assembly to meet the technical requirements of the product. At the same time, the Z-shaped bending mold has a better process and economy.