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How do I limit scrap parts during sheet metal machining?
- 2020-11-06 09:07:35 -

Sheet metal processing, inevitably will produce some parts scrap, then how to limit scrap control costs, after all, scrap parts are a waste of money ah. Here are a few ways to limit scrap parts when you're processing sheet metal.

16 stainless steel 20mm bending parts

1, laser ignition points: pay attention to accuracy!

The ignition point of the laser cutting, where the laser beam begins to cut, produces additional thickness. If the stop resists this extra thickness, the part will be slightly "skewed". As a result, accuracy will be affected by one-tenth or more, so it is important for the operator to pay attention to accuracy in laser cutting.

2, length calculation to maintain accuracy

Cad software must be set up in the design department prior to processing and the correct bending loss values equivalent to the material/thickness/machine sequence must be used.

3, parts inspection

The bender usually checks its bends, but does not have to check the final size of the part. Even if the dimensions do not match, the bending operator may consider the part appropriate. However, in areas where part accuracy is important, such as outsourcing by the medical sector or the aviation industry, parts are inspected and rejected in the event of an error. Therefore, in sheet metal processing must pay attention to the part inspection, in order to ensure the control of scrap parts.

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