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How to improve the accuracy of laser cutting and processing
- 2020-11-05 09:49:53 -

Laser cutting is a very widely used processing method in laser processing, is a particularly important application technology in the laser processing industry, laser cutting has been widely used in automotive, aviation, chemical, and other industrial sectors.

Laser cutting is the principle of the laser beam to the surface of the work piece released energy to melt and evaporate the work piece, in order to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving. Cutting accuracy is an important part of measuring the effect of laser cutting machine processing, but laser cutting accuracy does not depend entirely on the equipment itself.

304 stainless steel 1.5mm laser cutting parts

It is composed of many factors. Among them, there are several important factors that affect the accuracy of laser cutting and processing:

1, the size of the laser beam through the focus of the spot: the smaller the spot after the laser beam aggregation, the higher the precision of laser cutting processing, especially the smaller the cut, the smaller the spot up to 001m.

2, the position accuracy of the work table determines the repeating accuracy of laser cutting processing, the higher the precision of the workstation, the higher the precision of cutting.

3, the greater the thickness of the work, the lower the accuracy, the greater the cut. Since the laser beam is tapered and the seam is also tapered, the thickness of 0MM material is much smaller than the 2MM cut.

4, work parts material on the laser cutting accuracy has a certain impact. In the same case, the cutting accuracy of different materials is slightly different even if the same material composition of different cutting accuracy will vary.

So, how can laser cutting and processing achieve high accuracy?

One is focus position control technology. The smaller the focal depth of the focus lens, the smaller the focal spot diameter, so it is important to control the position of the focus relative to the surface of the cut material.

Second, cutting perforation technology. Any thermal cutting technique, except in a few cases starting from the edge of the plate, generally requires a small hole in the plate. Earlier, on a laser stamping composite machine, a punch was used to punch out a small hole and then a laser to start cutting from the hole.

Third, mouth design and air flow control technology. When the laser cuts the steel, oxygen and the focused laser beam are shot through the nozzle to the cut material, forming a beam of air. The basic requirement for the air flow is to enter the indip air flow to be large, high speed, in order to determine enough oxidation to make the cut□ material fully heating reaction at the same time have enough momentum to blow the molten material out.

Laser cutting without burrs, creases, high precision, better than plasma cutting. For many electromechanical manufacturing industry, because the modern laser cutting system of microcomputer program can easily cut different shapes and sizes of workware drawings can also be modified, it is often more than the middle cutting, molding process is preferred.