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Service Experience: Common faults and solutions for laser cutters!
- 2020-11-05 09:42:18 -

Laser cutting machine in the process of use should pay attention to maintenance, when there is a problem, master the following in the repair method, will hand to disease.

In the operation of the laser machine

1, power on without any reflection

1.1 Whether the power insurance tube is burned out: Replace the insurance tube.

1.2 Whether the power input is OK: Check the power input and make it work.

1.3 Is the total power switch damaged: Replace the total power switch.

2, no laser output or laser is very weak

2.1 Whether the light path is offset: Carefully adjust the light path.

2.2 Whether the reflector lenses are contaminated or damaged: Clean or replace the reflectors.

2.3 Does the focus focus of the device change: Recalculate the focal length.

2.4 Whether the focus mirror is contaminated: Clean the focus mirror.

2.5 Whether the cooling water quality or water temperature is correct: Replace the clean cooling water to bring the temperature to normal.

2.6 Whether the cooling water circulates or not: unblock the cooling water.

2.7 Whether the laser tube is damaged or aging: Replace the laser tube.

2.8 Whether the laser power supply is powered on: Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal.

2.9 Is the temperature of the whole machine too high: 1. Shutdown lets the temperature down; 2. Ventilation strengthens the cooling of the machine; 3. Adjust the ambient temperature.

2.10 Is the laser power supply damaged: Replace the laser power supply.

3, cutting / engraving depth is not ideal

3.1 Whether the cutting/sculpting processing parameters are correct: set the appropriate machining parameters.

3.2 Whether the laser power setting is correct: set the laser power correctly.

3.3 Laser output weakens: see point 2.

4, computers and devices are not online

4.1 Whether the scan switch is on: Turn on the scan switch.

4.2 Whether the motion system is powered on: Check that the motion system is powered and made proper.

4.3 Is the DSP motion control card damaged: Replace the DSP motion control card.

4.4 Is the signal line loose: Re-plug the signal line plug and secure it.

5, processing size has errors or movement errors

5.1 Is the machine and computer grounded properly: the equipment and computer are well grounded.

5.2 Is the signal line correct: Replace the signal line.

5.3 Computer operating system failure or infection: Reinstall the operating system or antivirus.

5.4 Whether the computer is functioning properly: Replace or handle the computer.

5.5 Unstable or interference signals for the power supply: add a regulator or eliminate interference signals.

5.5 Whether the application software is OK: Reinstall the software and the drive software of the motion control card.

5.6 Whether the machining parameters are set correctly (e.g. layout, etc.): reset the parameters

5.7 Whether the processing program is written properly: Check the preparation of the processing program, modify until it is normal.

6, slider movement is not ideal

6.1 Whether the glide and slider are contaminated: Clean the carriages and sliders.

6.2 Contamination of the rails: Clean the rails and add lubricant.

6.3 Whether the drive gear is loose: Fasten the drive gear

6.4 Whether the drive belt is loose: Adjust the belt loose.