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Steps to get started with sheet metal process engineers
- 2020-08-02 12:22:01 -

Today we're going to talk about what sheet metal engineers should know.

Sheet metal process engineer work


Mechanical drawing and literacy skills.

This is the minimum basic requirements for an engineer, if a three-view, first, triangular painting method, dimensional tolerances and mates, shape and position tolerances are not understood, the engineering surface can not see through the people, how to do the design? Therefore, mechanical drawing and knowledge map is a foundation. In addition, we should understand some different countries and different regions of different painting methods and different standards, and can be applied freely.

Sheet metal is a common material.

Gold parts.

Surface treatment.

Packing and shipping.

2.Software capabilities:

Society is progressing, and now many factory enterprises have lost drawing boards and pencils, the use of CAD/CAM system. CAD system is not only efficient, low labor intensity, but also clear surface, not easy to make mistakes. It is being adopted and popularized by more and more enterprises. If you don't use engineering computers and related engineering software, wouldn't a farmer who uses hoes on a modern farm be an antique who doesn't seek progress, doesn't learn nothing, and will eventually be eliminated by society? Therefore, a qualified engineer in addition to the use of computers and related engineering software, but also should have a certain foreign language ability, otherwise this information age and not become a new generation of illiterate, unable to accept new information of modern illiteracy?


Because parts are designed by product design engineers, machining is not their specialty, they are designed to focus on part function, for parts processing technology is often less considered, that is, some parts may be less process. Such as round hole aperture and material ratio can not be too small, otherwise it will affect the strength of the punch, there must be appropriate fillets to avoid stress concentration, round holes can not be too close to the bend line, so as not to bend when the round hole is stretched, bend height can not be too small, In order not to bend up, punching burrs to avoid the outside, so as not to cause side cracking, pumping height can not exceed the extraction limit of the material, so as not to be unable to draw, draw fillets can not be too small, avoid can not reach or process capacity is very low. As a manufacturing engineer, when you get a part diagram, you must first have a concept in mind, where is the most difficult size or function of the part to guarantee, and how well it is processed? Is it better to produce in the currently common model? Is the process stable? If not, how can it be modified without affecting the function? Only a good understanding of the processing technology, in order to put forward a reasonable and ideal improvement plan, and with the relevant product design engineers to coordinate the solution of related problems.

4.Learning ability:

Backwater boat, do not advance and retreat, the development of science and technology is changing rapidly, new equipment, new technology is constantly introduced, to maintain an open-minded learning attitude, and constantly expand their knowledge, will not be eliminated.