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How to better express sheet metal processing process?
- 2020-11-02 13:27:49 -

Is the expression of sheet metal processing process like below intuitive? How do you express it? Let's take a look at it in more detail.


Below is a good sheet metal part, all sheet metal in the design tree's last feature is a flat mode, then we expand the flat mode can see that the software automatic sheet metal bending process, is expressed in the order of bends.


In order to better show the process of sheet metal processing, we open the view in flat mode, as shown in the following image, each step of the bend is shown.


To better demonstrate the machining steps, we rename the bend steps for sheet metal, just like feature renames, windows files are renamed in the same way, one by one, the first step, the second step, the third step, the fourth figure, as shown in the following image:


Next we switch to the configuration option on the design tree, right-click on the main name, and add five configurations one by one, as shown in the following image:


Once the configuration is added, go to the four steps below the tablet in the design tree, select the four steps, right mouse button, select the configuration feature, as shown in the following image:


The software pops up a dialog box to modify the configuration, and we just need to select the characteristics that the different configurations need to compress, depending on the configuration expression, as shown in the following image:


Switch to the configuration state and double-click each configuration one by one to see if it is correctly expressed, as shown in the following image:






After confirming that the expression is correct, select the drawing, drag a view, and select the relative configuration under the reference configuration of each view to complete the expression of the sheet metal machining process, as shown in the following image.