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How to select and use laser cutter nozzles
- 2020-11-02 13:13:53 -

Laser cutting machine in the use of the nozzle can make the gas spew out, to prevent the melting stains rebound up, to protect the focal length mirror purposes. Therefore, the choice of nozzle is very important, the aperture size of the nozzle will vary depending on the thickness of the cutting material. So we must make careful choices before we use them.

304 stainless steel 5mm laser cutting parts

First, cutting sheet (3mm or less), the choice of the nozzle will be relatively fine, and the choice of the nozzle of the 1.5mm aperture will be relatively thick, and the corner of the place will be easier to have stains.

Second, when cutting the thick plate (more than 3mm), the selection of the nozzle with a aperture of 1mm is not stable. Because of this high cutting power, relative cooling time is longer, relative cutting time also increased, with a small area of nozzle gas diffusion with a aperture of 1mm, so not stable, but basically can be used. The nozzle gas diffusion area of the nozzle with a aperture of 1.5mm is large and the gas flow rate is slow, so the cutting is more stable.

Third, cutting more than 10mm plate, the current general choice of diameter of 2mm or more aperture nozzle.

However, due to the larger the aperture of the nozzle, the less protective the focus mirror is. Therefore, a reasonable choice of laser cutting machine nozzle aperture size, in order to more effective production.