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What are the inspection standards for the gold stamping parts?
- 2020-10-29 09:46:26 -

Metal stamping parts refer to the metal processing inside the most used, refers to the at room temperature conditions, steel / non-ferrous metals and other plates with molds, by the press to provide the pressure required for processing into a specified shape. Metal stamping parts are widely used in all areas of our life, including some electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials and so on. So what are the inspection standards of hardware stamping parts? Next, the editor-in-chief will explain to you.

5052 aluminum plate 3mm welded parts

The inspection standard of the gold stamping parts:

1, parts inspection guidance (standard) book

Some simple gold stampings can be tested by comparing the various dimensions indicated in the drawings, followed by the use of various measuring devices, such as tape measures, calipers, stop gauges and so on. Also pay attention to some important tolerances marked on the drawing, whether the tolerance range is consistent with the drawing. Tolerance requirements must be strict for some high-precision products.

2, the sample of the gold stamping part

For some parts that have no tools, but are more complex in shape, they cannot be expressed in two-dimensional drawings. It can be tested with a secondary circle. The signboard is the most intuitive reference, you can see whether the structure is qualified, surface treatment, and batch front those.

3, hardware stamping materials excellent

The adaptability of the stamping process of the metal stamping material material becomes the stamping forming performance of the plate material, which includes: anti-cracking, molding and charactering.

1) Rupture resistance refers to the ability of stamping materials to resist rupture, which is generally measured by parameters such as forming limits;

2) Molding refers to the ability of the plate material to achieve consistency with the shape of the mold in stamping forming;

3) Formability refers to the ability of the part to maintain its vested shape in the mold after it is undressed. It is clear that the greater the forming limit, the better the molding and charactering properties of the material, the better the stamping performance of the material.

4, hardware stamping parts of the special inspection equipment

The special inspection of hardware stamping parts should be based on the actual situation of the parts, and need to be used skillfully.

The above is the five-gold stamping test standards, these are just for the entry of the test and said, some aspects are not the drawings can be expressed, or we need to continue to sum up in practice.