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Precision stamping parts must pay attention to 7 points, speed to see
- 2020-10-29 09:32:45 -

What should we pay attention to when processing precision stamping parts? Let's take a look.

What are precision stamping parts? We can understand that in the process of processing the thickness of the same parts, in fact, is the sheet hardware, stamping, bending, stretching and other operations can be processed, we in the precision stamping parts processing should pay attention to what things? Let's see.

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First, with a single operation mold to punch some simple parts. Using multiple stamping operations to punch complex parts, and mold structure or strength is limited, its internal and external contours should be divided into several parts of the punch. For work items with high plane level requirements, you can add a leveling operation after the punch operation.

Second, whether the structure shape is complex determines how many operations to use for the bending part, which is determined according to the number of bending angles, relative position and bending direction. So why sometimes add a plastic surgery process after bending? This is because the bending radius of the bending part is less than the allowed value.

Third, when we increase the dressing process after the cutting process or directly use precision cutting process, this is because the section quality and dimensional accuracy of the work piece is relatively high

Fourth, for metal stamping parts processing, our goal, with the least, the simplest stamping parts processing, design of stamping parts to be simple shape, reasonable structure, which is conducive to stamping operation, not only can improve labor productivity, but also conducive to stamping parts processing organization production and mechanization and automation production.

Fifth, we have to determine the number of operations according to the existing molding capacity of enterprises and the condition of stamping equipment. There is also molding capacity to ensure that mold processing and assembly accuracy to meet the standard, otherwise only can increase the number of operations.

Sixth, the nature of the material, the height of the depth, the number of ladders to pull deep, as well as the diameter of the depth, thickness and other conditions determine the number of processes to pull deep parts, but also have to carry out deep process calculations to determine. If the fillet radius of the deep part is relatively small or the dimensional accuracy is high, add another shaping operation after the depth is pulled.

Seven, we want to improve the stability of the stamping process needs to increase the number of processes to ensure the quality of stamping parts. For example, bending parts additional positioning process hole punching, forming process to increase deformation to reduce hole punching to transfer deformation area.

Well, the above 7 points are the precision stamping parts in the processing must pay attention to the place.