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How sheet metal processing prevents welding deformation
- 2020-10-28 10:52:58 -

Sheet metal machining basically includes the processing of all metal sheets, including a very large number of processes, it is a collection of metalworking. With the development of society and changes in demand, sheet metal processing for processes and equipment requirements are getting higher and higher, once errors can easily lead to poor processing. Welding deformation is a common mistake in sheet metal processing, how can we prevent this phenomenon? Cascade to tell you:

316 stainless steel 2mm welded parts

1, choose the appropriate welding order. For welding structures with more components, the components should be welded and corrected separately, and then assembled as a whole welding, so that the total is smaller than the first assembly as a whole, and then the welding deformation. And local places can be side-by-side welding, operation is also more convenient.

2, choose a reasonable welding order. In order to prevent welding deformation, the welding method, the de-welding method and the symmetrical welding method should be adopted in the welding order.

3, anti-deformation method. Is to give the welding part before welding a deformation opposite to the direction of deformation after welding, welding just offset the deformation before welding the work piece.

4, rigid fixation method. This method is very effective in reducing welding deformation.

5, the selection of reasonable welding methods and specifications. Various welding methods to heat the energy density of welds and heat input is different, for sheet welding, the use of high energy density welding methods, such as the use of carbon dioxide gas protection welding, plasma arc welding instead of gas welding and manual arc welding, can reduce welding deformation. When welding aluminum and aluminum alloy structures, gas welding is much larger than manual arc welding.