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Why do hardware stampings have a remake twist! How to solve it.
- 2020-10-26 10:12:36 -

With the refinement of industrial electronics, the requirements of hedging parts are becoming more and more high in various industries, including the shape of stamping parts. And in the stamping part shape punching process, easy to produce the phenomenon of flipping, distortion, affecting product quality, this paper summarizes the experience to share: why the remake stamping parts will appear remake distortion? How do I fix it?

5052 aluminum plate hydraulic forming parts

Stamping parts in the stage mold, by punching stamping parts surrounding the residual material method, to form the shape of the punch. The main reason for the remake and distortion of the stamping part is the influence of the punch force. When cutting, due to the presence of the punch gap, the material is stretched on one side of the die (the material is warped upward) and compressed against the convex die side. When using the discharge board, the material is pressed with the discharge plate to prevent the material on the die side from warping upward, at which point the force condition of the material changes accordingly. With the increase of the pressure force of the discharge board, the material on the side of the convex mold is stretched (the compression force tends to decrease), while the material on the concave surface is compressed (the extrusion force tends to decrease). The flip of the stamping part is called due to the material being stretched on the die surface. Therefore, when cutting, pressing and pressing the material is to prevent the punch to produce a flip, distortion of the focus.

Reasons and solutions for the remakes and distortions of stamping parts:

1, punching when the punch hair edge caused. It is necessary to study the cutting edge and pay attention to check whether the punching gap is reasonable.

2, when cutting has produced the flip part, distortion and deformation, resulting in poor forming after bending, need to start from the cutting of the material work position to solve.

3, bending stamping parts caused by instability. Mainly for U-shaped and V-shaped bends. The treatment of this problem, the guide position before bending the stamping part, the guide position in the bending process, and the pressing material during the bending process to prevent the stamping part from slipping when bending is the focus of the solution.

Why is there a remake distortion for the gold stamping part? How do I fix it? I believe you already know something. The main reason for the distortion of the stamping part is the influence of the punching force and the unreasonable cutting gap and the unealed gap, which can be effectively solved by the above methods, so as to avoid the flipping and distortion of the stamping part.