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Problems and efficiency improvements in sheet metal machining
- 2020-08-02 12:18:34 -

With the rapid development of processing manufacturing industry, sheet metal processing accuracy and processing quantity are constantly improving to meet the needs of all areas of society for a variety of processing parts. Sheet metal processing industry products often have multi-species, multi-batch, small-volume, non-standard characteristics, followed by a sharp rise in processing costs and processing capacity shortage. Therefore, how to coordinate a variety of types, small quantities, short delivery times, low-cost production model, that is, how to ensure product quality under the premise of reducing costs and improve efficiency as far as possible, is our practitioners need to consider and solve the problem.

Sheet metal processing finished pictures

Problems in sheet metal machining

In sheet metal processing enterprises, enterprise managers pay more unilateral attention to sheet metal processing accuracy and processing capacity. The usual idea is that a part is "can do it" and "can it do well", often ignoring the cost of machining the part. At the same time, technical personnel in the process of preparing processing technology, will often pay more attention to the process of processing and processability, so that parts processing methods are simpler, faster processing speed, higher precision, often appear "big horse car" and other phenomena, in the actual production process, many workshop managers usually in order to grab tasks, complete the plan and other reasons, the process of small work parts in large equipment, or a variety of equipment at the same time to start production of the same part, which is undoubtedly a great waste of energy.

Sheet metal machining cut picture

Properly optimize the production process of sheet metal parts

In the actual production process, enterprises due to their own constraints, automation is not advanced enough, low processing efficiency, labor-intensive, if the design of suitable workwear, the production of parts batch, water, can greatly improve this phenomenon. In actual production, the work of the CNC bend group in the machining workshop is the focus and difficulty of the Ministry of Industry, in order to improve production efficiency and product quality, the Ministry of Industry personnel often need to work large shifts every day, with increased production time to increase production, before the use of workwear, in accordance with the traditional Production mode, after the CNC bender up the first piece, two pieces of production (example), because the parts are small, need to operate workers hand-in-hand for production, there are unsafe factors, and low production efficiency, after the use of workwear, the use of bending auxiliary model, After positioning, one can produce multiple pieces at the same time, bend in two steps, and the process size is stable, and can meet the requirements of the process. Not only to ensure production, improve production efficiency, but also to ensure the quality of products.  

Use the 5 basic principles of the bender: 1. Start bending from the bend line on the outside of the work piece 2. Bend in order from short to long. Bend from the middle up part (middle bend) 4. Can fold 5 with the same knife (mold type) together. Bends with high bends to the last fold. Rational use can not only improve the efficiency of production, but also save the loss of equipment.

Laser cutting operation

Enterprises use laser cutting in the actual production process, through trial production, in CNC programming layout of some parts can be used coline cutting, reduce the number of perforations, save cutting time, improve production efficiency, improve the utilization rate of sheet metal, through conline cutting can produce a variety of sheet metal parts at the same time, that is, reduce waste, but also greatly save energy consumption.

Sheet metal workshop display