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The problem that sheet metal processing needs to pay attention to
- 2020-10-20 10:17:24 -

Sheet metal processing is currently a relatively common method in the metalworking industry, then in the processing and production, the staff should be skilled in learning the relevant technology to ensure the quality and accuracy of product processing, the use of this processing method is broader, while meeting the production and processing needs of different industries, during processing people can choose different materials, do not worry about material non-conformity and affect the progress of sheet metal processing. What safety issues should I pay attention to when processing sheet metal? Here's a small compilation by Cascade Precision Sheet Metal CO., Ltd.

Sheet metal machining operators are working.

1, before work to wear good protective clothing, cuffs, wear protective glasses, according to the requirements to wear a good work cap, girls long hair will be placed in the work cap.

2, in the bed spindle loading and unloading tray, it is necessary to stop before loading and unloading, can not use the power of the motor loading and unloading tray.

3, in order to prevent the clamping work piece of the chuck, dial and chicken heart clip protruding part of the hanging to clothing and other parts of the body, to use a protective shield to protect it, if there is no protective cover, operation to maintain distance.

4, in order to avoid debris damage, should be installed in a suitable position transparent bezel.

5, when sanding the surface of the work piece with gauze should move the tool to other safe places, and take care not to touch the surface of the work piece with your hands and clothes.

6, work to concentrate, prohibit fatigue operation, chat operation, drink operation and smoking operation.

7, cutting work parts produced by the ribbon chip, spiral long chip and other application hooks in time to clean up and eliminate, can not be pulled by hand.