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CAD sheet metal machining drawing method some guidance recommendations, examples to explain
- 2020-10-20 10:08:24 -

Some sheet metal processing plants are connected to the outside CAD sheet metal chart to process. Therefore, the card needs to be used manually to draw the unfold diagram. Online check also did not have the relevant tutorial, according to my previous experience, to explain it briefly.


A more representative sheet metal finish is simply drawn. Below is a CAD sheet metal drawing.

CAD sheet metal drawings

A simple label of sheet metal bend size, the size of the hole is not marked. Copy 1:1 when you draw an expanded drawing, if it's a paper plate, just draw it by size. There is no detail here. The thickness forgot to mark, the thickness is 1mm, the material: SPCC.

Below from CAD directly manually unfolded, there is no CAD, please cite one back three. Just learn your ideas.

Cad draw sheet metal unfolds the first step: copy the tablet portion of the main view.

CAD sheet metal drawings

Modify the form factor to the form factor after bending.

Step 2: Expand the 45-degree slope.

Idea: Measure the length of the bevel bend, measure the length of the bevel line, and connect the shape as a trapezoid.

CAD sheet metal drawings

In the figure, the bend size is 30, the line is offset to the perigest, and the distance is 30.

CAD sheet metal drawings

Look at the size at the red circle, because the form factor is 379.6, the outer ring bend edge is 20, calculate the length of the line to draw:

379.6-20-20 s 339.6.

229.6-20-20 s 189.6.

CAD sheet metal drawings

Modify the length of the four-sided segment to the calculated length and connect the four-sided segment. Here's the picture:

CAD sheet metal drawings

A bend sheet metal unfold has been completed.

Step 3: Draw the last sheet metal bend. Direct replication with CAD.

CAD sheet metal drawings

As shown, the four edges of the CAD chart with holes are copied to the unfold diagram, which is basically complete. Need to be sent down to the workshop, laser processing, remove excess lines.

CAD sheet metal drawings

OK, the hand-drawn CAD sheet metal unfold is complete.