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Introduction to some terminology in the sheet metal processing industry
- 2020-10-14 13:44:44 -

There is a terminology within each industry, what is the technical term for the sheet metal processing industry? Sheet metal processing plant small editor for you to introduce.

First, drop material: refers to the general punch or other equipment using mold processing to obtain the product shape of the process.

Sheet metal welds.

Second, punching: refers to the work parts by the general punch and mold processing hole processing process.

Third, the expansion of holes: refers to the use of drill bits or milling cutters on the work piece small holes processing into large holes of the process.

Fourth, sink hole: refers to the process of collaborating with joints such as sink screws, and processing tapered holes on the work piece.

Five, pull riveting: refers to the pull riveting gun for east and west with pull nails to two or more work pieces closely linked together the process.

Six, riveting: with rivets will be two or more work pieces face-to-face joint process, if the sink riveting, the work parts need to be first sink hole.

Seven, printing: refers to the use of molds on the work piece out of the text, symbols or other imprinting process.

Eight, cut angle: refers to the press or oil press using mold to remove the corner of the work piece process.

Nine, angle: refers to the use of molds, sickles, grinders and other sharp corners of the work piece for sheet metal processing process.

Ten, leveling: refers to the work parts before and after uneven, the use of other equipment for the work parts of the process of flat.

Eleven, polishing: refers to the use of polishing equipment for the work surface light treatment process.

T2. Heat treatment: refers to the process of special treatment for the hardness of progressive work parts.

13. Oxidation: refers to the process of forming an oxidation film on the surface of the work piece in order to protect or beautiful the work piece.

Fourtetee, sand blasting: refers to the blasting machine through the work surface treatment process.

Fifteen, assembly: refers to the process of installing more than two work pieces together.

The above is the small editor for you to introduce 15 sheet metal processing industry terminology, I hope to help you.