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How to charge for a non-standard processing sheet metal processing plant
- 2020-10-14 13:29:20 -

Non-standard processing for mechanical designers and mechanical processing manufacturers put forward high requirements and standards. However, the cost of production materials continues to rise, non-standard processing and manufacturing enterprises production costs are also rising rapidly, so that the cost of products increased. The so-called non-standard processing, that is, non-standard processing, according to their actual production needs, independent research and development design and manufacturing processing.

Non-standard sheet metal machining parts.

The cost of non-standard processing.

Non-standard processing costs include a number of content, including labor costs, raw materials costs, mechanical processing costs, management fees and taxes and other components. Among them, labor costs and raw material costs account for a larger proportion. The following is how material and labor costs are controlled.

Control of material costs.

When purchasing raw materials, the single-piece procurement method may not be cost-effective enough, resulting in high raw material procurement costs, in order to solve this problem, we should make full use of the advantages of scale. For example, we can classify the raw materials produced: common materials and special materials, where general materials can use the help of third-party forces, the use of third-party multi-channel advantages to reduce procurement costs, and the use of special materials is less, and similar enterprises can cooperate in procurement to reduce unit prices. It is necessary to reduce the purchase cost.

(1) To ensure that procurement personnel in the procurement process in strict accordance with the procurement documents.

(2) Goods to three. "The common disease in many procurement departments is a strong dependence on suppliers, who are considered to have long-standing cooperation, reliability and stability, but in practice they are properly guided to price competition among suppliers and encouraged to lower prices."

(3) Control the purchase time. Enterprise procurement departments should make full use of their own capabilities and related experience, which will reduce prices to a greater extent.

The above is a small editor on sheet metal processing plant non-standard processing charges, I hope to help you.