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Precautions for surface treatment of sheet metal processing that are common in life
- 2020-10-13 14:18:09 -

Sheet metal processing process surface treatment on the product surface of the decorative and protective role by many industries recognized. In the stainless steel sheet metal processing industry, the usual surface treatment methods are electroplating, spraying and other table methods.

Sheet metal workers are working on it.

Attention to surface treatment for sheet metal machining.

1, electroplating is divided into galvanizing (color zinc, white zinc, blue zinc, black zinc), nickel plating, chrome plating; Mainly in the surface of the material to form a protective layer, play the role of protection and decoration;

2, spraying sub-painting and powder two kinds, is the material after pre-treatment, with spray gun, gas spray paint to stainless steel sheet metal work surface, coating on the surface of the work piece to form a coating. After drying, play a protective role;

3, other table way anode oxidation, chromate, wire, sand blasting, oxidation, etc.

4. All electrochemical treatment should be carried out in the part state, as the chemical solution in the process will be intercepted in the gap in the composition and cause corrosion;

5. Parts of spot welding may be chemically treated, but not electrochemically (including electroplating, anodeization);

6. Aluminum alloy castings cannot be oxidized by anode sulfate;

7. Thin and long tubes (which are larger than 2 times the diameter) parts are generally not suitable for electrochemical treatment, as there will be no film layer on their inner surface;

The above is the common sheet metal processing surface treatment processing precautions analysis, only for reference, I hope to help you.