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Does sheet metal processing cause harm to the human body?
- 2020-10-13 14:12:53 -

Sheet metal processing plant to sheet metal stamping, sheet metal bend molding, welding as the main process. Some large sheet metal manufacturers will have sheet metal spray paint, spray molding, galvanizing and so on. Speaking of the harm to the human body, to small work more than a decade of experience, it can be said that basically no.

Sheet metal machining bender.

Any industry does not pay attention to complete protection will be harmful, small editor said sheet metal factory needs to pay attention to the safety matters.

Safety precautions for CNC punches.

Punches can be said to be dangerous, if there is no electrical grating protection, do not pay attention to the body. CNC punches are much safer, and dangerous places are out of human contact. Pay attention to the safety of the steel plate when handling and the accidental drop of work pieces, there is no harm.

Safety precautions for CNC benders.

The CNC bender looks dangerous, so the steel plates behind it are easy to bend. It's terrible to think about! In fact, there is a master to lead, teach you safety precautions, there is no danger. Just as a high-speed car can be fatal to a person, it's okay to avoid it.

Sheet metal welding safety precautions.

Welding has two points to note, one is welding arc burns the eyes, professional welders know with goggles, so there is no harm. Instead, it is next to the auxiliary worker, because do not know when the welder welding, do not pay attention to shake the eyes. Need to follow the instructions of the welder master, pay attention, it will be all right. Second, welding is at risk of electric shock. Use a qualified welder and wear insulated shoes. I've been working on it for so many years and I haven't seen that guy get electrocuted.

Safety precautions for spray-painting.

Spray paint is toxic, spray dust is also harmful to the human body. When working, be sure to bring good security measures, basically no harm.