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Hardware stamping parts are divided into ordinary punching and fine punching
- 2020-10-09 12:03:34 -

We usually see stamping parts or molds are generally ordinary punching, high efficiency, service life is relatively long, but the product section quality is relatively poor, and the size error is large, and we often need to show that the quality is relatively high, then we need to use fine punch.

Q235 carbon steel 8mm stamping and forming parts

What is called fine punching: fine punching is attributed to non-cutting processing skills, is based on the general stamping skills developed a fine punching method. The effect of this processing method is that the punch face of the punch has no cracks and tears on its entire thickness. In addition, the most stringent dimensional accuracy and peace straight tolerances can be reached.

Features: Fine punching mold structure and general cutting comparison, mold structure on one more ring pressure plate and top out, and convex mold gap is very small, concave mold edge with rounded corners.

In the process of cutting, the convex die contact data, through force to make the ring pressure plate press the data on the die, and then in the V-shaped teeth on the inside of the lateral pressure, in order to obstruct the data in the shear area tearing and the horizontal activity of the metal, in the cutting protrusion mold press into the data together, the use of the back pressure of the top out, the data press, coupled with the use of very small gaps and cornered die edges to eliminate stress concentration.

Then make the metal in the shear area in the three-way pressure stress situation, eliminate the pull stress in the area, improve the plasticity of the data, fundamentally avoid the general cutting in the appearance of twists, stretches, tearing phenomenon, so that the data along the edge shape of the die, pure cut way is punched into parts, and then obtain high-quality bright, flat cutting surface.

When punching, pressing force, punching gap and die edge corner complement each other, is indispensable. Their influence is inter-linked, when the gap is uniform, the fillet radius is appropriate, you can use a small pressure material to obtain a bright section.